VMW on AWS- anyone using it?

Hi VMWare reddit community,

what are your thoughts on vmw on aws?

Anyone using it (I mean anyone here whose company went all in with vmw on aws or partial)?

As I understand, vmw-on-aws is a hybrid platform (where we can emotion some workloads to some esxi instances hosted on bare metal in aws datacenter? right.


we can also have the entire infra (vmware baremetal in aws cloud)?

So, we pay aws for bandwidth only?

Please share your thoughts / suggestions on this – thanks

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  1. VMware on AWS is a VCF stack running on bare metal hardware in AWS, fully managed/supported by VMware

    You can vMotion workloads to the cloud yes, but it requires stretched layer 2 networks either via HCX Layer 2 VPN, or using AWS Direct Connect Connectivity… (someone correct me if this isn’t entirely correct?)

    In terms of bandwidth, any data put into AWS doesn’t cost anything (ingress) but egress traffic from your cluster to on-premises or to a different AWS Availability Zone to where your cluster is located is chargeable.

    However you do get free (no banwidth costs) to native AWS services located in the same Availability Zone as your VMware on AWS cluster, think S3, RDS, EC2 etc…

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