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Thanks for using Vimalin.


If the VM is running when you make a backup, then Vimalin will make a snapshot before it starts copying the disks.

That snapshot is automatically committed/removed after the backup completes. The backup itself consists of the disks data + memory and state of the VM at the time of the snapshot.

Making a snapshot is basically the only way that you can make a backup of a VM while it is running.

Especially if you want the user to be able to continue using the VM while the backup process is ongoing.


If you didn’t see the snapshot process happening, then I’ll have to “blame” VMware for handling that nicely in the background. I’m just using their API’s and a tiny bit of additional manipulations on some config files.


One way to prove this worked OK is to restore your backup. It should come back as a VM that is suspended and which you can resume from the moment the backup was started.



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