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Hello all,


Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am looking to setup VM environments for mobile device testing.

I am trying to connect from a VM guest to a mobile device connected physically to the host machine.

In this case an Android device being connected and being able to communicate via ADB or AT commands.


I have tried using VirtualBox for this, however I am having a major obstacle with this.

I connect my device and the modem virtual device that is enumerated in Windows device manager can be used communicate with the device modem.

After installing a windows 10 guest VM, I was not able to see this virtual modem device in the guest VM.


In VirutalBox the client allows you to connect specific USB devices that it can detect, however it does not list the modem for me to select.


While I am currently investigating this for VirtualBox I thought I poke around here to see if anyone knows if VMWare supports what I need.

Is this product or other VMware products capable of connecting to virtual devices supported on other hardware platforms (mobile devices, Kiosks…etc.)?


Appreciate any help.



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