VMWare – I’m a noob – Create a Private Network and External Network Similar to Hyper V – Test Lab

Hi Reddit Folks!

Up front, i have to let everyone know i’m a noob at Vmware related to networking but i’ve done a few things in HyperV related to its Virtual Switch Manager.

The idea is to create an External, Internal, Private Network

* External – Allows the VM to use the Host’s NIC to be able to reach out to the network such as network resources the Host has access to, the internet, etc.
* Internal – Allows the VM to only access VMs that have the Internal profile to see each other and only the Host and not beyond such as other network resources or internet
* Private – Allows the VM to only access other VMs within this network and not able to access the host or beyond

Goal is to create a test lab with a few servers and clients where they’ll all need to access the internet for updates but eventually i’ll switch each to either Internal or External as some Server VMs will have DHCP enabled which i would want to eventually switch over to Internal.

Is there a guide or recommended link to follow?

Thanks in advance for your help and time!

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  1. vmware has virtual switches. I works just like a real switch. If you don’t connect any uplink, it does not go out of the host.

    Remember you can add multiple network cards to your vm’s and connect each one to different switch. (you can do internal vm with vpn or firewall this way)

    there is no point connecting to the host, there is nothing there for VM’s.

    sometimes, you need to enable promiscuous mode.

    vmware documentation and whitebooks are very good.

    feel free to ask with more q’s

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