VMware initiator and Windows ISCSI paths

I’m currently running a lab with ESXi 6.5 and Vcenter, using a SAN target of server 2012.

My 2012 server has three nics, one for management and two for ISCSI traffic. I joined VCenter to that server and started to deploy VMs to that disk space. When I looked at the paths under the adapter in VMware I noticed that there was an IP space having the management ip of the server.

Obviously I don’t want that disk traffic to be layer three routed. (my other two ISCSI interfaces are all layer two only)

I shut down the two ISCSI interfaces to test and sure enough this traffic started traveling over the management interface since it was a valid path.

I can’t see any functionality from the window side to limit/filter the interface from being advertised as an ISCSI target, and was wondering if any of you knew how to filter that out so that only the proper interface is on the server get seen by the dynamic discovery.

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  1. Your ESXI host should have VMK ports on the ISCSI networks. When those are created and IPed, you can set them up as Bindings within the VMWare Software ISCSI adapter. If you do not specify a binding, VMWare will use the Management VMK.

    When you are configuring ISCSI I’m VMWare. Be sure to use the IP address of the ISCSI Nics on the Windows Server. If you specify the Management IP, it will use that to connect.

  2. I noticed that when I bind them the extra path from the window server no longer appears after I delete it.

    But I can’t add more than one upland to the port binding, it only supports one nic. what’s the best practice report binding with multiple network cards on the ESX server?

    Edit: The extra path I’m talking about is the management interface on the windows server and not ESXi. I already have a VM kernel addressed in the space that the storage network is on.

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