VMware NSX, What all does it do?

I have the VMUG subscription like everyone else does, and i’m working on all the software I have access to. One of the remaining items is NSX. From What I can tell so far, it mainly provides VXlan networking, and some additional firewall and security rules. It looks like I need an NSX VM, an NSX controller VM on each node, at least one NSX VXlan edge gateway, and an NSX security VM? Is there anything i’m missing?

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  1. Not specifically called out, but you’ll need distributed vSwitches in use in your cluster that NSX will integrate with, not standard vSwitches. Might be obvious, just mentioning.

  2. What are you trying to achieve?? for nsx to work properly, hardware needs to be tweaked to 1600 MTU, this is not mandatory, but recommeded. IT is though mandatory to get above 1550 MTU, due to the extra headers in the packet. Next Up, you need an nsx manager vm, 3 controller vms, and nothing Else to achieve nsx. What you configure next is Up to you. The controllers and the manager does not require to be seperated to several servers. This is only recommeded.

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