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Hi All,

      I’m not sure if I’m in the right place to ask this question, so please redirect me if required.

I am running WMWare Pro 15.5 and on my old computer with OS = Win 7 I had no problems when I attached an external USB Drive to either the host or the guest.

I have since purchased a new Laptop, Lenovo Legion with OS = Win 10 Pro Build 1809.  My issue is every time I attach a USB Drive the computer stalls (temporary freeze) for up to 10 minutes when VMWare is running.  If VMWare is not running, there is no issue with external USB Drives.  I have multiple VM’s with different operating systems and all are affected.  I have tried configuring USB options to only connect to the Host (my perfered selection) Ask before connecting etc.  I have also tried changing the USB compatibility from 3.0, to 2.0 and 1.1 without resolving the issue.


The difference between my old laptop and new laptop


Old:  OS = Win7 16GB Ram  1 only 1TB HDD,  but only had USB 2 ports

New: OS = Win10 Build 1809 16GB Ram 1only 256GB SSD (where VMWare Pro 15.5 is loaded) and 1 only 1TB HDD where the different Virtual Machine files reside) only has USB 3 ports.


Can anybody suggest some suggestions that will allow me to connect an External USB to the Host machine whilst running a Virtual Machine with freezing the computer for a long time.  If I am patient enough, the system will recover and everything works as it should.


Thank you.



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