VMWare support voice quality

Is it just me or the voice quality from VmWare support is just aweful? I don’t know if it’s because I’m based in Canada, and the number is from the US(1-877-486-9273).

The two last calls I received from them sounds like the early days of VOIP, so metalic and robotic, I could barely understand. Had to ask the poor guy to repeat over and over again. Felt so bad after a while I just wanted to hang up and switch to Hyper-V hahaha šŸ˜€

Do you guys have similar experiences?


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  1. Not really. All calls here (Australia) are local number but it still goes to the same support center. Sometimes I get people with a thick accent, which results in a lot of ‘sorry, bad line, can u say that again’.
    But the vast majority of experiences it’s a clear line with clear english speakers.
    If you suspect it’s the line, ask for a webex/zoom and use that for communications.

  2. I have noticed this with many companies where they allow employees to work from home. Many have no common sense whatsoever. Some use Skype or other VOIP with crap connections, many use speaker phones and seem to be in an uncarpeted empty room, then there is the kids/dogs/roosters/cat interruptions.

    I speak from experience because I deal with this stuff so much. I have a headset at my workstation, a really good one, and I arrive to meets early. My job is technical so I understand that what I say is as important as how it is heard. But Iā€™m the ass if I dare comment like I just did

  3. Had similar problems with vSphere Production Support. Trying to get a Premier support quote to try and get 2009 VMware support again. I fear we’ll get the same poor support, but delivered minutes faster.

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