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There’s a limitation in Windows which will sometimes be hit when an instance of VMware Workstation tries to manage lots of VMs simultaneously.  If the Workstation UI hits that architectural limit (which can happen at around 28 VMs), the UI will crash.


Earlier versions of Workstation had a check in place to prevent this from happening, but that check was mistakenly omitted from recent versions, allowing you to possibly open a few more VMs, but introducing the risk of a crash.  Workstation 12 reinstates the check.  In some future version Workstation will hopefully end up being restructured to avoid the underlying limitation altogether, but we’re not there yet.


This particular limitation does not relate to the total number of VMs which are running on the host, so (as the message suggests) you should be able to just open a second instance of VMware Workstation and run more VMs in that second instance.  If I remember correctly, I think we have a hard limit of 64 concurrently running VMs on Windows hosts.


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