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using windows 10.0.19041.388 all latest patches installed.




If I launch from the desktop “VMware Workstation Pro” shortcut, or from direct access of the “C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware Workstationvmware.exe”


absolutely nothing seems to happen, and no logs can be found with any errors, no splash screens. nothing!


however, if I rename the file vmware.exe to something else for example v.exe, or change the path of the executable and leaved named as vmware.exe


then it starts the gui at least.    I think a similar problem exists on some of the other executables for vmware, so it’s not the whole solution




I don’t see anything in local security policy, uac, or  adk/ compatibility toolkit that would indicate a problem (the compatibility tookit entries do exist but I disabled)



Any ideas how to deduce what windows “feature” is enabled to block this ?


This is somewhat more a windows question than VMware, but I’ve now found a clue to this so sharing and hope it helps someone also

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