VMware Workstation VMs not showing up as ‘used’ in htop on Linux


I’m running VMware Workstation 12.5.9 on Linux. It’s VMs are contained in vmware-vmx proceses, which each show up using a sensible amount for RAM in top/htop, such as 5GB. However, the total “used” number does not reflect this. When a VM starts or stops, the amount of “used” RAM stays the same. Whatever kind of memory VMware uses (hugepages??) does not seem to be covered by whatever metric determines “used” memory. Due to that I am seriously misjudging the amount of free memory on my system, leading to lots of problems.

Is there a way to solve this? Thanks!

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  1. There are two points I need clarification about:

    – What interface/program are you seeing the “used” metric? If it’s in “top”, which column are you looking at? (pastebin could help here)

    – You say when the VM “starts or stops”, it stays the same – precisely what do you mean by the “stop” state? I ask because my definition of stopped is: VM has been powered off entirely (not suspended) and there is no running vmware-vmx process shown in “ps” or “top”.

    Not trolling or nit-picking, just trying to get exacting details to try to help clarify.

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