VSAN 3+3 without Stretched Cluster?

Hi all


Firstly, a disclaimer: I’m not really au fait with VSAN, I’m just meddling.


If I’ve got 2 DCs with 2 x 40gb fiber between them (diverse paths) with sub 1ms latency, can I orchestrate VSAN to have redundancy between both DCs if we need to power off a DC?

I’m aware that stretched cluster is a thing, and I’ve used it before, but I was wondering if I had 3 nodes per DC, each all flash with 2 x disk groups per node – can I do something funky with the fault domains to allow the powering off of a DC for maintenance?


Thanks in advance!

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  1. We plan do to vSAN as well for a stretched cluster with two DCs at a remote location. We’ve consulted VMware and if you want to be able to power off a DC and still keep everything running even if a disk at the remaining DC fails, 3+3 is necessary.

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