vSAN Storage Policy Advice

Just setup our first vSAN deployment (6 hosts with 15TB capacity each) and looking for some recommendations for storage policies. For general purpose VMs that aren’t mission critical I was thinking just a 1FTT raid 5 policy. For more important machines I was thinking 2FTT raid 6 but if a host is down there is no room to resync and get VMs compliant with the policy. Any recommendations?

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  1. FTT=0

    Live Dangerously, save money, go out of business in spectacular fashion, move fast and break things like a startup or like you’re in DevOops.

    In all seriousness- it depends. Is your workload write-heavy? Maybe FTT=1 or FTT=2 with mirroring is a better bet than R5/R6. How are your cache and capacity tier sized? How about network? How much resync traffic can you handle?

    There’s no “best” when it comes to storage. “Giant R6” was my go-to when I was young and stupid. Unfortunately, “Giant R6” seems to be the trend a lot of vendors are moving to, enabled by the high IO capabilities of SSD, but it doesn’t necessarily fit everywhere. Conveniently, VSAN lets you be flexible. Inconveniently, you have to make decisions instead of just letting it pick and yelling at the vendor when it doesn’t meet your requirements.

  2. Recommend using HCI Bench and testing various scenarios and loads to see if what best meets your needs. Base the runs off of real life workload types as much as possible.

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