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We need to set up an environment which provides virtual hosts with a solid GPU support (vGPU, OpenGL, OpenCL). Our environment is unlike a typical VDI scenario – it is more like a lab (different domains, systems, installed products, etc.) than an enterprise where all users get same desktop from the host pool. Almost every machine is different and crafted for a specific user needs or specific purpose. Therefore we think that most of Horizon products do not fit our needs. Yet, we need virtual hosts with a reasonable GPU support.


The scenario which looks promising for us is to have the Horizon Agent + Horizon Agent Direct-Connection Plugin (+ nVidia DWS License & nVidia drivers) installed on virtual hosts and use the Horizon Client to directly access desktops of these hosts. As you can see it is just a fraction of functionality here when compared to a full Horizon package.


Do we need to buy a full Horizon package here? What is a minimum set of products/licenses that we need from VMware to support our scenario?



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