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Hi Guys


Good Day to everyone, we see a very strange issue with Windows 10 1903 ISO and VMware tools.

We use Horizon 7.9, App Volumes 2.18 , Instant clone , windows 1903 for our desktop environment. I could see new 1903 Image taken from Microsoft with VMware tools 10.3.5 causes Windows explorer top pane to freeze.


Initially I assumed that it was something to do with Horizon , app volumes agent and so on. Later I was able to isolate this issue and was able to reproduce it only with a plain ISO and VMware tools.

I am planning to Install 10.3.10 sometime soon and see if the issue still exists.


One more funny thing about this issue is that when we put Horizon agents on top the same image and make a pool out of it. The issue gets solved when we restart blast service.


Have anyone seen this issue ?

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