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I have the situation where a bunch of persistent Windows 10 VDI VM’s (multiple pools, all 1 VM per manual pool) are ALWAYS shown as “Available” in View Admin, even when there is a user logged on. Using RDP or PCoIP does not matter.



– The entire time, the desktop never shows up as “connected” in View Admin when users log on. It is always “Available” which is dead wrong in the first place.

– Using PCoIP allows disconnects -> re-connects with PCoIP or RDP.

– Using RDP at some stage however, triggers the “all available desktop sources for this desktop are currently busy” message in View clients. Cannot re-connect at all anymore from that point onwards, regardless of protocol used.

– Again, these Win10 VM’s still show as “available” regardless of the actual status.

– There are no Firewalls between the Windows 10 VM’s and the Connection brokers (who have no replication problems).

– Restarting the View agent and related services does not “free up” the VM. It will still say “all available desktop sources for this desktop are currently busy”.

– Only a reboot of the OS can clear this and make the VM available for login again.

– While the VM is rebooting or powered off, the desktop shows as “Agent unreachable” so there is communication between Agents and Brokers.


Windows 7 persistent VM’s work 100% normal in all respects. It’s only Windows 10 VM’s and…   …since a patch-round from a couple of weeks ago (i’ve been troubleshooting this problem since then). Before whatever patch did this (but have no proof) these Windows 10 VM’s worked fine with View 6.2.0


These VM’s are highly personalized with special software and cannot be simply rebuild. I did re-install VMtools, View Agent etc. etc. several times. No dice. Even tried a fresh Install of Windows (patched to same level), still shows this behavior.


All this started a few weeks back after a Microsoft Patch round. So maybe a M$ Patch affected the View Agent. I therefore uninstalled/re-installed the View 62 Agent. Upgraded it from 6.2 to 6.2.2  etc. all to no avail. VMtools new, old, Agents re-installed. I tried everything by now.


Has anyone seen this or can anyone point me in the right direction for troubleshooting? I have noticed no funky stuff in the logs but I’m probably tunnel-visioning/searching the wrong things after all this time.

I’ve been doing View since the early days but I’m really baffled this time. I’m all out of ideas.

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