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I was using 15.0.  When I started it told me the upgrade was available for “free”.
So I upgraded, not realizing that it would mean I was left without VMWare.
The “upgrade” first uninstalled the existing, working version, and then attempted to install the new version.

After some time, the installation failed, reporting that it could not install the USB inf file.

The installation process then proceeded to rollback, leaving me with no VMWare.

So, I tried to get technical support (that’s where you have to pay for the “free” upgrade)

They told me I could either pay for a support ticket to try to get a product that I paid for to install so that I could use it again or I could try to get support here.

I was also told that even if I were to pay for a support ticket, that I would have to be available during business hours in my timezone (when I was at work), that they would not be able to get to me today, that they could not guarantee that it could be fixed on the call (or subsequent calls), and that the charge was not refundable (even if the problem was not solved).

Looking at the messages here, I see that others have had the same problem, but all of those problems are marked as “Not answered”.

I wasn’t at all surprised that there was no answer.  What incentive does VMWare have to post an answer to a question on a free forum when they can charge users for one (and potentially not fix the problem after said charge)

I know it’s a long shot; I’m posting this topic again, in this message, in case someone has an answer to this problem.

Failing that, I’ll have to take a day off work, phone support, and gamble that some engineer fix the problem caused by their own installer.

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