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Does anyone know if or how the underpinnings of the Start Menu have changed from 1803 to 1909? We recently upgraded from 7.5.1 to 7.11, and created a new Win 10 1909 Image. The master looks great and I created and imported a custom start layout for the tiles.

The first time I recomposed the VM was great, everything fine. But a subsequent recompose for even the smallest change and the start menu breaks, both the apps and the tiles. If the user profile is deleted, and recreated in a subsequent logon, then the start menu is great again.


In addition, we have two pools from the same image, the only difference being one pool is vGPU enabled. Login from the first pool, and everything is good. Logout. Login from the second pool and the start menu breaks.


This behavior did not happen previously with Win 1803.We have not changed any GPO or any other settings.


We are using Windows roaming profiles, because back when we set this all up on 7.5.1 Persona had serious known issues, one that it wouldn’t roam the start menu settings. So Windows Roaming Profiles and redirected folders have been working rock solid for us. We do not have Enterprise so UDE or whatever the latest and greatest is, is not an option.

The issue is definitely something in the profile, because to fix the issue you delete the user profile and allow it to be recreated at next logon. Then it is fine until you recompose or login from a different pool.


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