Windows to VCSA upgrade – AD permissions not migrated

Hello. We upgraded Windows 6.0 with external PSC to VCSA 6.7 with external PSC. We are using Active Directory (Windows Integrated Authentication).

All went to plan however the only permissions copied over from Windows to VCSA were local (vsphere.local) and anything in the global permissions. Roles and privileges assigned to the roles were copied fine but the AD permissions assigned to the roles were not copied. We had a fairly complex permission set and I now have no way of recreating it 🙁

We realised the missing permissions post upgrade and are not in a place to power on the old environment (but we still have it). I was hoping to extract the permissions from the old SQL database but this seems difficult and the PSC’s might hold this information anyway.

I have an SR open but its not getting me very far. Any advice appreciated


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