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Hello, we have a weird issue.  A department bought a handful of USB printers where they are using Vmware Horizon View 6.25.


They are using Windows 7 Physical Desktops to connect to a Windows 7 View VDI desktop. 


The physical desktop prints fine to the USB printer. 

However when connected to the VDI the printer is redirected and listed.  When you print nothing happens.  When you look at the Print Queue on the Physical Desktop the job is there waiting, but the printer is offline.  Once you exit VDI the printer goes online and prints the job. 



On further investigation, We use a command line to open the View Client to force the VDI desktop into Kiosk mode, vmware-view.exe -unattended


If I open the VDI client manually everything works fine, the printer stays online and i can print through VDI.  It only seems to not work when using kiosk mode.


Thanks for any help

A little more info

Vmware Client is either 4.3 or 4.7, same issue on both.


These are linked Clones.  Happens on all multiple Pools


Another thing, We recently upgraded from 6.0 to 6.25.  We have a different issue on some pools where it doesnt like the new View Agent 6.25.  So we have some pools using agent 6.01. Vmware tech support has not been able to resolve this issue yet. 

The pools im having an issue with are using Agent 6.01.  I havent had time yet to test with a pool that has agent 6.25 yet, plan on this afternoon. 



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