Workstation Performance Improvements

Hi all
Hoping someone could provide some suggestions for improvement.

I am trialling workstation 15 and have several win 10(15-20)
Guests runnings but performance is a little choppy especially with web browsing with anything with movement or YouTube.

Is there anything I can do to improve performance, my specs and VMware configuration is as follows.

OS: win 10
CPU: 2x e5-2620 v4
rAM: 128GB
GPU: gtx 1070
OS drive: nvme ssd
Storage Drives: all ssd’s

CPU: 1/4
Graphics: set to 3GB
OS: win 10
Disk set to 60GB but only uses about 20-30GB

To run 15+ will I need to upgrade my hardware, move to esxi, look at mxgpu or the like to provide more shared gpu resources?

Or is there anything I can do with my current comfort to improve it?

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  1. ESXi is free. Going to a bare metal hypervisor will be the biggest performance boost. You can also reserve all or some memory, do not allocate more vCPUs than needed, and reduce logging and paging. There are good white papers out there. Even if they are written for older ESXi versions, the basics still apply.

    That said, VMs were originally only for business apps. Not really gaming, video, or performance sensitive tasks. And while they have been adapted and optimized, they still have overhead a bare metal OS does not.

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