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Per the following article, I have successfully configured a writable app volume that captures a user’s OST and indexing upon logon: VMware Knowledge Base


I performed the following steps as instructed:


1. Configure the writable per the above article

2. Assign users to writable

3. Log in and re-create Outlook profile

4. Begin indexing


I can confirm that I am seeing the OST in the default path of the writable (as specified in DEM: C:Snapvolumestemp) And from what I can tell, any PSTs being indexed are also being written to that location. The issue I am seeing now is that whenever a user logs back in, Outlook begins indexing again even though the data still exists in C:Snapvolumestemp and I am also able to confirm that the writable has status “attached” in the AppVolumes manager. I can also verify that the the same path in the Outlook Indexing options exists even after indexing starts again on logon:



Has anyone else seen this behavior before? Is there something that I’m not configuring correctly in Outlook that is causing it to re-index? We are using non-persistent desktops in our environment.

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