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The logging on all of my v6.5 hosts is the default, and in the advanced settings config.HostAgent.log.level shows the level is info. 


However, in our syslog application the folks who support it are showing me “verbose” entries, and they are complaining about the amount of them and their usefulness in the system. 


Why the F if this is set to info are we seeing 1000s of “verbose” logs?  


I see that nobody answered this so I’m probably a dumb ass for posting here, but none the less, maybe VMware engineers will see this and chime in to answer this post with real details and not KB regurgitation.   The KBs I have looked at regarding VMware logging are about the worst KBs I’ve ever laid eyes on and are not that helpful with sorting out what’s what in regard to logging. 


If there is a good link that fully explains VMware logging please post it here.. 

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