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There are two sets of datastores.


The first set is local datastores. The second is iSCSI. Both were non functional. I haven’t even started looking at the iSCSI ones yet because they are connected to storage within a virtual machine. I also need to fix a network issue before I try to reconnect the iSCSI datastores.


Are you asking if I’ve looked at ESXI logs or the server’s logs (iDRAC in my case as it’s a dell server)? In the iDRAC logs there is nothing to note.


Of course after days of not working the local datastores are now showing their contents. I shutdown the system and restarted it and now the local datastores seem ok.


Before I close this thread, there is another issue that is going on. The management interface used to work on the default subnet. I shutdown the ESXI and upgraded my ram and now I can’t get http access to the ESXI. There are no IP conflicts. I can ping the management interface and I receive a reply. The only way that I’ve been able to get access to the management web portal is by placing the ESXI in a non routable subnet with a management PC. Would you know what may be going on there?



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