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I had the same problem with 2 of my 4 R710 servers in one of my data centers. I was able to upgrade VCSA to 6.7 and 2 of the 4 servers to ESXi 6.7U3, but I was not able to upgrade the other two past ESXi 6.0U3.


I was able to determine the problem by using the (depricated) Flex/Flash client for VCSA and going to the Update Manager tab for each of the hosts. From there, I selected the line for the Incompatible Host Upgrade (I’m making the assumption that you’ve at least tried upgrading through VUM remediation), and looked below to see the Status Details showing Unsupported devices [1000:0060:1028:1f0c].


I followed-up with some Google searching and found this device is the VMware Compatibility Guide as my Dell PERC 6/i RAID controller. Since all of my datastores on these two hosts use this RAID controller, removing the VIB for this is not an option for me, and I am forced to leave these two hosts running ESXi 6.0U3.


I would have liked to have been able to determine the problem using the HTML5 client, but I found no way to determine the actual incompatibilities using it.


I also know this is a really late reply, but hopefully someone still finds this information useful in determining why they cannot upgrade some of their hosts.

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