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It’s not recommended to use the ESXi as the NTP-server. a good configuration can be similar to:

  1. Set the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server to receive time Settings from a reliable internal NTP server. Your internal NTP server must be synchronized with an external NTP server.
  2. On this state I prefer to choose two method:
    1. For Windows-based VMs and domain environments, I will set the PDC server (Primary Domain Controller) as the NTP server. Don’t forget to synchronize your PDC with the internal NTP server.
    2. For Linux-based VMs if you have a problem with getting time settings from DC, you can set the internal NTP server for them too. (Remember NTP versions are Backward-Compatible)
  3. If the time of the hosts is synchronized correctly, you can also set the ESXi host as the source of time in the VM settings. (As I mentioned before I prefer to choose step 2)

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