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Dear Community – I have a virtual server (Windows Server 2012) that needs to be upgraded to Windows Server 2019 OS. The server is part of a domain -2016. This server is a VM and I am using the VMware vSphere/vCenter Client 6.0. We are using a relative new host – Dell PowerEdge R640. For some reason the VM in question has only one virtual disk and is used with two partitions. One for the OS (150 GB) and the second partition to store data (1.3 TBs). We are running out of space and now I have added 500 GB space to the VM in question.  The system doesn’t allow me to add more than 2 TBs  space Virtual disk and for some reason I am not able to add the new 500 GBs to the Data partition (1.3 TBs). When trying to extend the data 1.3 TBs partition to include the new 500 GBs partition, the “Extended Volume” option is gray out and I am not able to do so.


The goal is to create a new VM with the same server name, install on this VM server Windows 2019 OS and create two Virtual hard disks – One about 300 GBs for the OS and the second one with 2.0 TBs for the Data.


We must keep the same server name on the new VM server and bring (Copy/move/import/restore) all the Data, including all ACLs, NTFS permissions, share folders, SIDs, etc. into the new server.


Kindly please provide the best approach to achieve this task with zero loss and be able to keep the same server name in the new VM? Please provide any possible suggestions and thank you for your time and assistance on this matter.

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