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Re: IP address (virtual?) for 4 VMs — virtual MACs?

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Please describe more detail about your solution

broadcasting (port 53)

TCP/UDP port 53 is used for DNS not DHCP. If you mean DHCP broadcasting operations (like discover and request in DORA), DHCP uses UDP 67 / 68.

If the VM needs to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server it just requires to connect to the port group of a vSwitch that has at least one physical uplink (if the DHCP server is a physical system) or connect to a port group that VM of that DHCP server is connected too.

If you want to configure VLAN and need to deploy IP Helper / DHCP Relay Agent to assign IP addresses for multiple subnets, you need to configure VLAN ID for each of the port groups that VMs are connected to tag their frame…

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