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Good morning.


I moved several folders to a new datastore using the Datastore Browser. I have a quorum disk and a couple other shared disks for a failover cluster. They were of course thick provisioned when I set them up, and shared multi-writer just fine.

After moving to the new datastore, when I add them back to the machine, it shows them as “Thick provisioned, lazily zeroed,” but once I click “Save”, ESXI is changing it to thin provision so of course I cannot share them.

Any ideas how to correct this? I cannot change it in “Edit Settings”

The only difference in the datastores is that the original datastore has SCSI drives, but the new one is Solid State.


Thanks in advance!


Client version: 1.33.3

Client build number: 12923304

ESXi version: 6.7.0

ESXi build number: 13006603

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