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We took over support for a vShpere system we didn’t configure and it’s been a mess.  I’ve cleaned up all the crap that was causing problems for the client for the most part and now I’m just trying to get everything reorganized into something I’m comfortable supporting.  I’m the first to admit that I’m not a strong vSphere guy, but my google-fu is not working on this one, and it’s leaving me scratching my head.


When I run a remediation Pre-check I get the following warning:


“VMware vCenter Server is installed on the virtual machine and DRS is disabled on the cluster.”


The thing is, when I go to Hosts & Clusters and select Clusters there isn’t one, and everything I google says that’s where I fix the issue.


The system clearly is not using any sort of cluster.  I have 1 host, 7 virtual machines, 0 Clusters, 2 Networks, and 9 Datastores.  (Which is that normal?  Back when I was more confident in my ESXi configurations, I always just used  hDatastore per SAN, regardless of the number of virtual machines running from that SAN.  This is my first experience using vSphere to manage, and I’m noticing it does things a lot different than ESXi)


Is this a message I just ignore, or is there some other way I clear this little quirk?

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