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Hi all, I am trialing eSXI as a solution for our server. I work in industrial automation doing controls. Our goal is to have a server that we store specific VMs and other software on, as well as being able to create VMs quickly that can act as human machine interfaces(HMI) clients based on our project needs. Our thoughts were that we could install a server OS, then VMware workstation and host an eSXI instance without storing any of our valuable information directly inside of a VM.


I created a VM on my laptop that is running eSXI. I was able to access everything through the web browser and that worked flawlessly. see below for topology of the network. I only have one VM setup that I am trying to communicate with.



From my laptop that is running the eSXI VM:


     I can ping the eSXI host on the management network.


     I can’t ping the individual guest OS created within eSXI on the virtual machine network.


     I’ve confirmed that the IP address of the Guest OS is



From inside the eSXI guest OS VM:


     I’m able to ping the management network, as well as get internet connection from inside the guest OS.


     I’m also able to ping my laptop from inside the eSXI guest os, which is confusing to me. This confirms that they are on the same network, right?




For eSXI to be a viable solution for us I need to be able to communicate with each of the VMs that are created within eSXI from a central point, such as a PLC. has anyone seen this before, I’d love to be able to communicate from the outside to each individual VM created within eSXI.

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