Vmware esxi 6.7 u3 VM console blank grey screen! |VMware Communities

I just upgraded a  new installation of Vmware esxi 6.5 to 6.7 u3. Created a vm with Windows 10 iso, installed the OS and initiated Vmware tools installed. Everything worked just fine and it is running smoothly.

Then cloned it to a new vm, an exact clone, but the vm console is showing a blank grey screen!


Then I moved a Windows 7 vm from another server with Vmware esx6 and powered it, the console works just fine. Made a clone of it and again the same, nothing in the console! Screenshot is attached. You can see the small preview of the console is showing the OS login screen but the console itself shows nothing!

For any moved VM console is working, also it works for any vm created on itself, but not working for any cloned vm!

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