Flint Air Jordan 13 REAL vs FAKE

In today’s video, we look at the REAL vs FAKE Flint Air Jordan 13. I hope this helps you!
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intro/outro animation by MIKE
intro music by YONDO

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  1. I don’t know if these shoe guys have incredibly low IQ’s but if you don’t have both boxes you can’t just compare them like that.

    The fake box is smaller? Okay what are the dimensions of the real box? How does someone know if it’s smaller if they have nothing to compare it to. Even comparing a color is difficult if you can’t compare it to anything.

  2. Can anybody agree that the toe box on the new 2020 Flint are just messed up why do they go up like elf shoes they should be straight and have that narrow shape like a nosedive

  3. side piping and shape of the cut of the side is a dead giveaway. rofl at that buddha. you hit all the great points, great video.

  4. Don't ever buy from Sneakergods1k on Instagram he's a con.He'll tell you to send him money on Zelle but won't send you those sneakers.Still waiting since June 2020.Conned me $462 for 2 sneakers

  5. I’ve really been noticing more and more, that not too many people, if at all care about any of my shoes I rock lol. I’ve really been thinking about copping some replicas because if no one really cares, then why the hell am I still spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on real kicks…

  6. Just got mine on goat app. 1st time buyer there. I wanted to make sure mine were legit. So thanks for this video bruh.

  7. YouTuber As you can see, this pair looks different from this pair. And the box is different. Compare them.

    Me looking down at my shoes. Damn it! I only have one pair of shoes and one box!

  8. So funny story I just got a pair off eBay and they’re fakes….dude had me hyped up had good customer service replying to my messages in a timely manner like a legit guy…then I got them told dude they were fake and he hasn’t replied since this was Monday I bought another pair today hopefully they’re real this time

  9. I got fake ones from @Jacks.Closet_ Sneakergods1k , I am so mad right now. Thank you for this video.

  10. I bought the “Lucky Greens” from some dude I know, and I know they don’t come out till September knowing they fake and I still don’t give a fuk I’ll wear em. 😅😂🤣

  11. I been spending 100s of dollars and these are the only differences…that's crazy what's the link to the fake sitr

  12. Bro you gotta do the 6 hares I just bought a pair from goat and need 2 kno how to spot the fake

  13. Hey man I just ordered from stockx the jordan 13 flint I'm kind of nervous it my first buying from them.
    You think it will be 100% authentic???

  14. I definitely had to check mine. I almost got scammed outta $240 for my pair. No paypal just cashapp. Video on my channel.

  15. Hoest question for @asneakerlife and everyone who want to chime in, been coping legit shit for all my life, and that like 35 years, i live in a country where getting a pair of General release is hard let alone a rare kick of exclusive, limited or hyped stuff… the amount i pay compared to US standarts is insane, so i got the Jordan 3 Tinker ones for 250 EUR legit, that compared to prices here is probably around something like 800-1000 USD in the states. My collection is limited in pairs for that exact reason, i have Jordan 1 Olympic High, Jordan 1 Shattered BB v3, Jordan 3 chlorophyll, Jordan 11 Bred, Russel Jordan pairs like 3, Lebrons like 3/4 pairs, Pharrell HU like 4 pairs and many Air Maxes and Adidas kicks, probably under 30 pairs in total nothing to brag about. I found this Replica site and ordered my first pair of replicas and ive been checking them ever since vs real stuff and to be honest, i am really unhappy with Nike and Adidas making all he legit good stuff super duper unatainable in some countries and pricing wise making it like a car purchase instead of just kicks….so next time i see a model done well – replica wise ill cop again, cuz some of the stiching was better on th replica than on the lame originals i bought for a lot more money… seems hype stuff is strictly for celebs, influencers and all around rich folk in the eyes of the corporation seling them, they dont want us to have it, so why protect their asses and give them money, you want me to only wear GR's, ok, ill switch my supply, they get fucked up in the same amount of time anyway , cuz i wear mine

  16. "Give me the fake anytime ..If they are so close and come from the same factory what the hell ..The real cost $220.00 ..fake cost$35.00 take the fake!!!

    d 🤕💜🇪🇺🗺


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