6.7 on a NUC5PPYH

More info on 6.7 on a NUC5PPYH probably notes for myself.

/r/vmware/comments/atmami/67_on_a_nuc5ppyh/ thanks /u/Nephilimi for starting.

Get the [ESXi-Customizer-PS](https://www.v-front.de/p/esxi-customizer-ps.html#download) [network](https://vibsdepot.v-front.de/wiki/index.php/Net55-r8168) and [SATA](https://vibsdepot.v-front.de/wiki/index.php/Sata-xahci) drivers.

Thanks [Mark July 3, 2016 at 7:40 pm](https://www.virten.net/2015/03/esxi-6-0-image-for-intel-nuc/)

With all that in D:tempesxi build the ISO.

*PowerShell as admin*

>Install-Module -Name VMware.VimAutomation.Core

>Install-Module -Name VMware.ImageBuilder

>.ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1 -v67 -load sata-xahci,net55-r8168 -pkgDir D:tempesxi

“Burn” the ISO to a UBS drive with [Rufus] (https://rufus.akeo.ie/).

Fallowing [ESXi 6 install stuck on “Relocating modules and starting up the kernel…”] (https://talesfromthedatacenter.com/2016/02/esxi-6-install-stuck-on-relocating-modules-and-starting-up-the-kernel/) hit [Tab] during the Boot Menu and add “ ignoreHeadless=TRUE” and install.

Before first boot during the Automatic Boot in # seconds.. hit “Shift O” and add once again ” ignoreHeadless=TRUE”

Log in and get a shell and run

>esxcfg-advcfg –set-kernel “TRUE” ignoreHeadless

I did this remotely after enabling SSH with the web interface.

And now you are ready to enjoy your 4 core at 1.6GHz with 8GB of Memory ESXi 6.7 host.

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