CPU Exhaustion on vcenter & Diagnostics Disk Exhaustion after vcenter update

I updated vcenter yesterday to and suddenly my /storage/core is FULL of the below files and maxing out CPU. Anyone else experience this or know a fix. The files hexdump says its a ELF file.

177M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.3850

177M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.3895

174M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4017

187M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4060

185M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4117

126M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4212

189M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4327

176M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4442

178M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4486

115M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4507

178M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4566

175M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4654

193M [core.in](https://core.in):imfile.4748

EDIT: Resolved, it was the WSC Service. Stopping this fixed both problems.

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