Creating a Windows 10 machine but booting from USB

The situation is this: I recently got a new SSD and clean installed windows on it. I didn’t format or anything like that my old SSD and just put it in a USB enclosure so it acts like a backup drive, but it still has got Windows on it (every partition is there), so if I wanted, I could just stick the old SSD on my laptop and boot from it.

But I want to create a virtual machine and then instead of installing a new Windows on it, I want it to boot from that old SSD I have that is connected via USB. Is it possible?

I’ve tried this [https://www.virten.net/2014/12/howto-usb-boot-a-vm-in-vmware-workstation-11/](https://www.virten.net/2014/12/howto-usb-boot-a-vm-in-vmware-workstation-11/) but on the blue screen there is no option for USB. I also tried another method with VirtualBox but it also didn’t work.

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