Desktop Shuts Down Instantly When Running Dota 2 on both VMWare and Host.

Hi guys, I couldn’t search any useful link on Google, hopefully someone can give me a hand.


Running Dota2 on both system will instantly shut down my desktop after ~10 minutes of playing dota2 on my Host system. Everything works fine when not running 2 games at the same time.


I have a Windows 10 Pro 1909 64bit host, with the same OS on my VMWare workstation 15.x.


~Ryzen 3600

~Asrock B450M-HDV

~16GBx2 RAM


~Silverstone Strider Gold 850W Modular

VM specs: 4GB RAM, 47GB harddisk size. VMtools installed, 3d acceleration enabled, 1GB graphic memory, 1 processor 2 cores, BIOS firmware type

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