EXSI 6.7u3 SCSI Aborts on ISCSI adapter

i use Veeam One to monitor my hosts, and one Host is getting SCSI Aborts causing high latency on ISCSI datastores. we recently got a new SAN which is where the SCSI aborts are effecting. looking online there is not much detail regarding this error, are they often related to EXSI config issues or something else like Q-depth? looking for some guidance, would this be a SAN support issue or a Vmware support issue?

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  1. Could be both. I normally create a ticket with VMware and the storage supplier (after making sure all is in the HCL and setup accoording to the best praticess.

    That way if they are pointing to the other I can escalate at both ends and make them talk to each other. (By setting up a conference call)

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