[Fusion] I can see my vm only from the Fusion library, or when the vm is suspended. Otherwise, the screen is black. Any suggestions on what might be happening?

I am in the process of a fresh installation of kali linux in vmware fusion, and am in the process. However, like the title says the only thing my virtual machine is showing is a black screen. But when I suspend the vm or look at what is active in my vm library, the virtual machine just appears black. The other weird thing is that I can interact with it too.

Any ideas of what this might be?

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  1. I have this issue in workstation on Ubuntu based vms after a recent update. There is something on the forums about it. As kali is Debian based I would imagine it the same.

  2. Are you running OS X?
    Have you updated to Catalina? I had that issue when I got the Catalina beta and I had to switch from fusion to parallels. I have not tried it since then.

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