Horizon 7 – Desktop Pool Guest Customization AD Container

Setting up a Linked Clone Pool in Horizon 7. I got it 100% the way I want it except I cannot get the AD Container field in the Pool Properties to go deeper than 1 OU in my Active Directory. Pressing the browse button only shows a handful of Containers and OU’s

I have a Windows AD structure like so: OU=Computer,OU=VDI

Entering OU=Computer works just fine in the AD Container field

Entering OU=Computer,OU-=VDI will not work.

Nothing I have tried works ( have tried other OU’s, everything works at the “root” level, just cannot get the nested OU to work) I have spent a few hours looking over documentation and Google searches to no end.

I am sure this is something simple but I cannot get it to work

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