Horizon 7 Upgrade Plan

Hi all,

I would like to get your feedback and experience regarding the upgrade of a VMWare Horizon environment.

The reason is that my team has taken over a VMWare Horizon environment that hasn’t been updated for a while.

Currently we are running on version 7.4.

We are not using many Horizon features at the moment. Only static VMs are assigned to our users using security gates and connection servers.

We want to update the environment now to be future proof and also support windows 10 versions > 1803.

Which upgrade plan do you recommend? Would you go directly to version 7.12 or 7.10 ESR? Or would you go over several intermediate versions?

Can you make a recommendation on how to upgrade and what to look out for?

I have read the VMWare documentation, which describes very theoretically that an upgrade to the latest version is possible, but your experience would help me a lot.




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  1. There isn’t a clear right or wrong. Do you want to run the latest version (which is V8/2006) with all the latest features? Or do you prefer the n-1 or more safe approach?
    Both 7.12 and 7.10.X are safe for production, so it’s really up to you to decide (based on the above and the release notes) which you prefer.

    Are there any specific questions you’re dealing with regarding the upgrade process?

  2. I would go to 7.5.x which is the next extended service release from where you are. Once there, tested and working, I would go to 7.10.2 (another extended service release), 7.12 or 7.13, if that’s out. 7.13 will be another extended service release.

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