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Hi Russell,


The first thing I like to clarify with anyone is to make sure they’re using the proper version of the Horizon Client for Chrome here: VMware Horizon Client for Chrome – Chrome Web Store — VMware’s release of several different apps has caused quite a bit of confusion.

If interested in understanding further, the details of the differences can be found here: https://chrome-experts.neverware.com/s/article/What-are-the-different-client-options-to-access-our-VMware-Horizon-View-e…


I’ll peel through our lab to see if I can discover anything here for passing MAC addresses; but is there a reason you’re using MAC over just passing over the username/resource ID? There is a policy for that:



  “broker_list”: {

    “Value”: {

      “settings”: {

        “server-list”: [{

          “server”: “cs-vmware-conn.cloudsteady.lab”,

          “default”: true,

          “description”: “CloudReady VMWare Lab”,

          “username”: “Nick”,

          “desktopId”: “CS-VMWARE-RDSH”,

          “domain”: “cloudsteady.lab”





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