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We’d like to have the automatic linked-clone pools reuse computer names.  Example: Lab of 30 has pool of 30 and naming convention of W10-012-{n:fixed=3}.  If we have to delete machines, then they come back as 031, 032, etc.  But we want it to start over at 001 and stay within the range of 001-030. 


Here are some of our pool settings:

Refresh Immediately after logoff,   Provision all machines up-front,   Name pattern with three fixed digits at the end.

In an example pool, 28 max, 24 spare, and 0 minimum, and the ending numbers are currently 004-031.

Allow reuse of pre-existing computer accounts, which doesn’t have an effect on this issue.

The pool is completely enabled.


This is a concern because of a classroom management program.  It scans all the given computer names, and is not very efficient, so we limit the number of machines it has to search.  Some schools have over 100 desktops, so their pools have 3 fixed digits.  In that case, the classroom management program would have up to 1000 names to potentially scan – and we really want to avoid that.


There is a setting in the ADAM database described here in the KB.  It sounds like a setting for a different type of pool than we’re using, but the setting does exist and cause the above desired behavior. The problem is that it is not presented in the GUI or API or PowerShell, and when I edit the pool (at least in the GUI), it resets this setting. 


So question #1, is there a supported way to have the names reused?   #2, is there a way to preserve the setting in the ADAM database per the KB article linked above?

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