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Hello all,

I have a couple of questions about server names (host names and DNS entries) within the context of a VMware Horizon deployment.  I have an existing production deployment running Horizon v7.9, and the system is working as expected.  At this time access is only available either internally or over a VPN connection, and my goal is to provide the same results over an external connection using the UAG appliance.


I followed the deployment guide closely when doing the initial deployment, but I didn’t have the benefit of a wide-angle lens during that process, which may have introduced some obstacles for achieving the goal of external use.


A few things to keep in mind:

1.  We’re using an internal Active Directory domain called DCN.LOCAL which includes all the Horizon desktops and servers.

2.  Externally we have a company domain of DCN-ND.COM.

3.  For consistency purposes, most of our internal servers also have DCN-ND.COM DNS entries, so that URLs for accessing corporate information are the same whether accessing them from internal or external locations.  (SharePoint, etc.)

4.  We have a set of internal DNS servers running on our Windows A/D controllers.

5.  We have a set of external standalone DNS servers that are not part of the A/D domain and are not running Windows.

6.  The Horizon connection server has an internal name of DCN-HORIZON.DCN.LOCAL.


Internal users are able to connect to their VDI sessions without issue.  I have added an internal DNS record for the Horizon server using the name “View.DCN-ND.COM”.  The Horizon server has a wildcard *.DCN-ND.COM certificate on it so that when I access https://view.dcn-nd.com I don’t get a certificate warning and access works normally.  However, when I look at the administration page,the system reports an error with the connection server.  When I expand the error, I get the following dialog:



Q1.  Is this error message an indicator of a significant issue that needs to be resolved, or can I overlook it?

Q2.  If it is significant, can anyone point me in the direction of how to resolve it?  I can change the computer name from DCN-HORIZON to VIEW, but I suspect that may only cause more serious issues.

Q3.  I’d be grateful for any guidance on how to address the multiple domain (DCN.LOCAL vs DCN-ND.COM) scenario.  I know this must be a common situation, but I’m not clear on how to address it.


Thanks in advance for your comments on the above items.  I sincerely appreciate any pointers on this.



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