How do I check VRAM usage? (VMware Player)

I am using the VMware Player in order to use windows (host) and Linux (guest) simultaniously.

Recently, my VM is running low on RAM so I wondered how much of my virtualized RAM I should dedicate to the virtual 3D-accelerated graphics card.

So far, I set VRAM to 1 GB, which is quite a lot I guess. I don’t want to make compromizes on graphics performance, so I am searching for a way to find out how much graphics memory my VM is actually using.


Thanks for any help!

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  1. This isn’t helpful to you, but. Uhm.

    My VMs on my home ESXi host run 24mb of VRAM, max (the default setting I think is 8mb? I forget, but its low enough that the console has difficulties with some resolutions).

  2. It all depends on how much VRAM your specific Linux guest can make use of. Try lowering it (or even disabling 3D-acceleration) and see if you notice any difference in your Linux guest.

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