Is the VMware OSOT only useful for optimizing Horizon master images?

I’m just wondering if it can be used to optimize individual VMs either built from scratch or deployed through a template (although I imagine you would optimize before making it a template).

Seeing conflicting information on VMware’s website, for isntance in the guide for the audience it says “This guide is written for data center administrators and IT personnel who want to optimize Windows operating systems” which would make me think it could be used for any VM. The actual link where you download the flyng describes it as “…for use with VMware Horizon”.

Just curious if it’s common practice to use it for any VMs or just in conjunction with Horizon.

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  1. It works with any Windows VM you wanna throw at it. There are a multitude of templates that you can use. Some of the templates focus on Server OS’s, so you’re good there.

  2. It’s just a tool that automates cleanup of windows images. Use however you want. Note that officially they say not to run in PROD.

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