Join by name or ip?

When you add hosts to your vcenter, do you add them by name or ip?

I’ve always liked doing it by IP so I dont depend on dns. But coworkers like doing it by name because it looks cleaner.

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  1. I always add by DNS. It doesn’t matter if DNS is available, vCenter will fallback on IP if it can’t contact the host. Another point is that changing the IP address of a host when you’ve added it via DNS is so much easier. I believe changing the IP of a host that’s been added to vCenter via IP requires removing the host from vCenter and re-adding it.

  2. I do ip for no reason whatsoever. But if you wanted to do host name but were worried about dns couldn’t you just put them in in the hosts file?

  3. Doing it by name can cause a lot of problems.

    In our environment, we have an isolated set of clusters with each ESXi host having 2 IP address. One for SSHing and remote consoles, and one that the vCenter server talks to it over.

    So we stand up the vCenter server, then put in a host file entry for each of the hosts by the DNS name that we are using. The host file uses the IPs of the isolated network.

    Then we set up the ESXi host, set up the other VMK interface, and give it the IP address of the “management” network, and we’re done. Our PCs use a DNS server that resolves the management network’s IPs, and the vCenter uses a host file to get a different IP.

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