Minecraft on a windows 10 vm

Hello, I’ve been trying to find out if its at all possible to run a windows 10 vm off of a windows 10 computer and launch games, (mainly minecraft) through that vm.

When i tried myself I got a whole bunch of errors and every place I look for information either has 0 responses or is going from Mac to windows 10 or Linux to windows 10 or something else. If anyone can help with this it would be greaty appreciated

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  1. Unless you have a dedicated graphics card that you can pass through to the VM, you’re not going to get anything playable. This would be a card in addition to the one being used to run the host machine’s instance of Windows.

  2. I’m not sure which Minecraft version you’re after (Microsoft Store or the client), but I tried it a couple of times, in VMware Workstation. The issue I had was mouse capture, even with tools installed, just basically spun you in circles.

    This happened with both the MS store version and the one from [Minecraft.net](https://Minecraft.net). Could’ve been just me and my experience however.

  3. Workstation wouldn’t be the tool due to GPU passthrough not being available.

    If you want to run a server, run the MC server jar headless.

    If you need to run the client, try Windows Sandbox. It natively supports GPU passthrough, but it’s primary purpose is testing. When you close the sandbox, it deletes any changes to the light weight VM it creates.

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