Reduced availability with no rebuild – Repair Object Immediately does not work.

I’m running vSAN on 3x Cisco UCS-C240-M3s servers. The vSAN object health has been in a Reducted Availability With No Rebuild state with 272 objects, and I have not been successful in resolving the issue. All disks in the cluster are healthy. Stats DB Object and the Home Object under vSAN iSCSI Target Service are also alerting for the same warning.

I’ve tried repairing the objects immediately from the GUI and from PowerCLI, and it completes, but nothing changes, and it maintains the alert.


Does anyone have any tricks on rectifying this issue? I’m running ESXi 6.7.0 15017017 on all 3 hosts, but vCenter is running 7.0.0 16189207, as I have not been able to upgrade the hosts yet to 7.0.

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  1. Would love to hear the solution if/when you find one.

    I had same problem on my very crappy homelab. Running ESX 7. I have 3 nodes and all the health checks never showed any problems, but my VM’s just all froze one day. No PSOD. Evacuate data failed upon trying to enter maintenance mode. I had no choice but to hard kill the nodes one by one and luckily *some* of my data was still intact when the dust settled.

    I gave up, accepted the data loss, and rolled back to my backups, and switched back to DAS storage. Sad day.

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