Resources to build your own VMs?

Hey All,

A few years back I picked up a Cisco UCS server to deploy network lab simulations (JNCIP if anyone is interested), and eventually I began launching quite a few VMs for other purposes. For quite some time, I’ve been interested in VM development/management, but I’ve never known where/how to start and if it was possible without proprietary information.

Would anyone have any links/guidance to offer?


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  1. Ansible will interact with vCenter quite nicely – effectively analogous to interacting with an AWS or Azure – so you can create standardized VMs quickly be they Linux or Windows. Apply whatever roles you want to those VMs – Nginx, MySQL,

    And you can couple it with Packer to build the initial template images that Ansible will use to build the VMs; see here:


    You’d just have to upload a few ISOs of the Linux and/or Windows OSes to your datastores.

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